If you are working on a research project dealing with a certain megacity or focussing on comparative aspects, please be so kind and write the title, name of participant researcher(s), e-mail-address and www-link to Frauke Kraas ( and Ursula Dörken (

Ongoing Programmes

Research Networks



Special journal issues
In the following peer-reviewed journals, special issues in which members of the Megacity Commission published articles have recently been published: disp,
Die Erde, Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsgeographie, Geographische Zeitschrift.

Die ErdeZeitschrift für WirtschaftsgeographieGeographische ZeitschriftdisP


Book publications


Preface - Megacities and Global Change.- Megacities and Climate Change: Early Adapters, Mainstream Adapters, and Capacities.- Underground cities.- Water quality and socio-ecological vulnerability regarding urban development in selected case studies of megacity Guangzhou, China.- Rice for the Megacity. Dhaka’s food supply between global risks and local vulnerabilities.- Land development strategies in megacities: Guiding land use and land rights in the context of urban sprawl and informality.- The influence of foreign direct investment on land use changes and regional planning in developing-World megacities: a Bangalore case study.- Inner-city development in megacities between degradation and renewal. The case of Sao Paulo case study.- Agile Firm Organisation and Upgrading in the Greater Pearl River Delta.- Linking Global Change, National Development Goals, Urbanization and International Migration in China: The Example of African Migrants in Guangzhou and Foshan.- "Phobopolis": Violence, fear and socio-political fragmentation of the space in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.- Dar es Salaam, megacity of tomorrow - informal urban expansion and the provision of technical infrastructure.- Bus Rapid Transit: the answer to transport problems in megacities? The example of TransMilenio (Bogotá / Colombia).- Governance in Megacities: Experiences, Challenges, and Implications for International Cooperation.- Managing the Metropolis – Planning in New York City.- E-Governance Initiatives in India; Case Studies from Hyderabad and Bangalore.


Book series

The commission has, in connection with the mentioned joint research programs and networks established a reviewed book series for quality reviewed PhD thesis, conference outcomes and monographs, with Franz Steiner Publishers, Stuttgart:
International Book Series: “Megacities and Global Change”, Editors: Frauke Kraas, Martin Coy, Peter Herrle und Volker Kreibich

In total, 13 books have since 2011 been published. In 2012 and 2013, the following 11 books were published:



Informal Modes of GovernanceZugang zu GesundheitsdienstleistungenMigrants' Health SeekingAreas at Risk

The full publication list of a) individual commission members publications and b) the research network publications contains about 10 pages; a list with c) media reports contains 3 pages. Since the individual publications are not genuine contributions of the commission and its related research projects, they will not be listed here.



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