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Picture Descriptions

1: Confluence of the rivers Han and Yangtse. Wuhan consists of three cities with a common administration (administratively joined together): Hankou (top left), Wuchang (top right), and Hanyang (bottom).
© J. Hohnholz [back to picture]

2: Yellow Crane Tower. The landmark of the city is the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuchang which was destroyed and rebuilt several times during its history, the last time after the cultural revolution.
© J. Hohnholz [back to picture]

3: The First Bridge across the Yangtse. The First Bridge across the Yangtse was built in the 50s with the cooperation of the Russians. In the meantime (2003) Wuhan has four bridges.
© J. Hohnholz [back to picture]

4: View across the Yangtse from Wuchang to Hankou. Hankou is developing into a modern city with numerous high-rise buildings.
© J. Hohnholz [back to picture]

5: Park of the First Revolution in Wuchang. The rebellion against the empire started in Wuhan. A park with monument and memorial commemorates this historic event.
© J. Hohnholz [back to picture]

6: Hankou, Waiban. The former consulate of the German empire in Hankou has been restored and functions as "Waiban", the Foreign Affairs Office of the city of Wuhan.
© J. Hohnholz [back to picture]

7: At the East Lake. In the former flood area of the Yangtse more than 300 lakes have formed within the municipal area of Wuhan. The largest lake is in Wuchang and is named East Lake as counterpart to the West Lake in Hangzhou. It serves as an important urban recreation area with a number of big municipal parks. Here: View across Moshang Park.
© J. Hohnholz [back to picture]

8: SEZ in Hanyang. View from the administrative building of the "Wuhan Economic and Technical Development Zone in Hanyang.
© J. Hohnholz [back to picture]

9: Hankou, China Construction Bank. Hankou attracts increasingly national and international banks. Here: China Construction Bank.
© J. Hohnholz [back to picture]

10: Hongshan Square in Wuchang. In the three parts of Wuhan several representative squares are laid out. So far the biggest is Hongshan Square which was opened in 2000.
© J. Hohnholz [back to picture]

11: Jianhan Lu in Hankou. Opening of Jianhan Lu, the first pedestrian precinct in Hankou.
© J. Hohnholz [back to picture]

12: WISCO. Rolling mill, "Wuhan International Steel Corporation"
© [back to picture]

13: Huangpi, Ming village. In the municipal district of Huangpi the village Dayuwan is being renovated as a museum village of the Ming era.
© [back to picture]

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